Enlite Platform

Enlite is a modern cloud-based home visiting software which supports voluntary evidence-based home visitation programs. Service providers use Enlite for intake, parent surveys, assessment, household management, internal and external referrals, establishing goal plans for families, processing claims and generating invoices.

Enlite seamlessly integrates with external systems such as immunization registries for up-to-date immunization records and financial systems for claims reimbursement. The built-in evaluation module with extensive dashboards and reports provides key metrics for program managers, directors and other stakeholders.

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Enlite Training & Tracking

Easy-to-use training and tracking software ensures accreditation compliance among all case workers. This automated system allows program managers, site supervisors and other stakeholders to instantly know who is up-to-date on training and who’s not. Users can use Training and Tracking software to view available training and use the integrated calendar app to schedule their training.

Enlite Collaborate

Family Assessment Worker (FAW), Family Social Worker (FSW), Site Supervisors and Program Managers can collaborate and share information using an internal communication tool. This tool can be used for communication within and across all sites.

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Enlite Help Desk

Users can record and track helpdesk tickets within the Enlite system. Tickets are triaged and prioritized for development and fixes based on the Service Level Agreement.

Enlite Mobile

Enlite is compatible with all handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. Home visiting agents have the option to document details during or after a home visit using their Enlite mobile app. All features of Enlite including referrals, parent surveys, intakes, assessments, and reports are accessible through their mobile device.